Common Illness

Common Illness

Parents are very much aware of common cough and cold, ear and stomach infections in infants and children but here are other common illnesses that should also be known too. Parents should maintain temperature chart, all babies with fever and give paracetamol SYP as and when required (4 hourly)

Viral infections are common among people of all ages but often seem to be concentrated in infants and children. Most childhood viral infections are not serious and include such diverse illnesses as colds with a sore throat, vomiting and diarrhea, and fever with a rash. Some viral illnesses that cause more serious disease, such as measles, are less common now due to widespread immunization. Several types of viral infections that children can acquire are discussed in adult viral infections.

Antibiotics cannot cure viral infections. Most children with viral infections get better without treatment, and many viral infections are so distinctive that a doctor can diagnose them based on their symptoms. A doctor usually does not need to have a laboratory identify the specific virus involved.

This is a respiratory infection which is not that serious, except if the child is under 2, or has a heart or lung disease or a weak immune system. Under this situation, it can cause inflamation of the lungs leading to pneumonia.

This bacterial infection of lungs and breathing tubes may generally infect anyone, but infants are most likely to get affected by it and seriously fall ill. Its early symptoms are same as common cold but at later stage the cough gets worse, and a ‘‘whooping‘‘ sound is heard as child gasps for air.

Croup is a viral infection targeting the windpipe and voice box which may last for a week.

This is a bacterial infection caused by group A strep (it was once a deadly disease, but now easily treatable)

This contagious and viral illness has become quite common amongst the children below 5 years. It spreads through saliva, fluid from blisters and possibly viral exuviation through stool. It is usually not a serious illness and gets cleared up within 7 to 10 days

It is a skin infection getting very common these days in younger children. It begins when staph or strep bacteria enters in a cut, scratch or bite. It mostly affects the area around the mouth, nose, and hands but can also affect any area of the body. Babies may at times get the irritation in their diaper areas. Utmost care should be taken because touching or scratching the sores may spread impetigo to the other parts of the body and to other people as well.

This is yet another viral illness that is common in the kids aged between 5 and 15. It is generally harmless but if the child has Sickle cell anemia or a week immune system then he can become very ill from Fifth disease. It can also be serious in pregnant women. Rashers that appear may get itchy in some children and they might suffer from joint pain as well.